Grief Is Something We Feel When Things Change Drastically

Grief is not only what we feel when we loose someone we love, it’s also something we feel when things change drastically. Whether it’s a move, a change in our relationships, a job change, a natural disaster, or all of the above in the case of the COVID-19 Pandemic, grief is real. We can push it away, or stuff it down, but the most healthy way through is to allow the feelings, process them, and arrive eventually at resolution having uncovered the deeper relevance in our lives.

If we don’t process our grief, it will remain unresolved and it’s impact will grow over time. Dig deeper (link) for helpful insights and tools for processing grief during these unprecedented times… The Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief

To learn more about grieving during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit Beachwood Center for Wellbeing.


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Announcing the Coolest Companies 2018 Nominees

Perhaps one of the loveliest trends in the startup world — besides driving change for the better, duh — is the increasingly crazy ways companies make their cultures incredible.

For some, it’s a beautiful environment. For others, its snacks, parties, cool trips and other swanky amenities that make ping pong tables look like relics. And then there’s those who, while they may have an awesome culture, it’s really their wild mission that sets them apart, or their heart for giving back to the community.

Regardless, we asked the Rhode Island startup and entrepreneurial community for input on which in-state companies were the coolest — and it answered the call. Together, with editorial insight, we developed a list of nominees.

You’ll notice we used the term “companies” loosely. There’s some awesome nonprofits and other entities on the list, but hey — cool doesn’t discriminate.

We’ll celebrate said nominees and debut the winners at the Coolest Companies Fest event at Sprout Coworking in Providence on Sept. 20. Haven’t gotten a ticket yet? Jump on that now.

And without further ado, our Coolest Companies nominees are (in alphabetical order):

  1. ALEX & ANI
  2. AS220
  3. Bananagrams
  4. Beautiful Day
  5. Beachwood Center for Wellbeing
  6. BedJet
  7. BetaXAnalytics
  8. Blazing Editions
  9. The Box Office
  10. Care Thread
  11. Chewsi
  12. Datarista
  14. Dockwa
  15. Doctor’s Choice
  16. Eat Drink RI
  17. eNow
  18. EpiVax
  19. Feast & Fettle
  20. Finnest
  21. The Floral Reserve
  22. Giant Shoulders
  23. GoPeer
  24. Hasbro
  25. Hope & Main
  26. Hope’s Harvest Rhode Island
  27. Isle Brewers Guild
  28. The Lady Project
  29. Lullabot
  30. Maternova
  31. Matter
  32. Medley Genomics
  33. Millennial Rhode Island
  34. MindImmune Technologies
  35. Mighty Well
  36. MLR Artist Management
  37. MojoTech
  38. Nail Communications, Inc.
  39. NanoSteel
  40. New England Tonic & Syrup
  41. Pangea
  42. Pepper’s Closet
  43. Polaris MEP
  44. POP Uprise
  45. Power Docks
  46. Práctico Innovation
  47. Premama
  48. Raising Readers
  49. Raskin Resources Productions
  50. RedDWG Library
  51. SEAAhead
  52. Social Enterprise Greenhouse
  53. SimplaFYI
  54. SirenMarine
  55. Spire Space
  56. Spotter
  57. Splitwise
  58. Sprout Coworking
  59. Sproutel
  60. SquadLocker
  61. Starburst Labs
  62. SVM
  63. Tech Collective
  64. TextUp
  65. Tizra
  66. Trilix
  67. Upserve
  68. Virgin Pulse
  69. VirtualRunCo
  70. Vitae Industries
  71. VoltServer
  72. The Wellness Company
  73. WePay
  74. WhatsGood 
  75. Willie’s Superbrew
  76. Women in Leadership Nexus
  77. Your Heaven Audio

Don’t see your name on this list? Email us and let us know why your company deserves a spot.

Photo Credit: Carina Knig / EyeEm, Getty Images

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An Orange Mother’s Day: How a Great Gift Can Help a Great Cause

Mother’s Day offers us an opportunity offers us an opportunity to recognize  all mothers have done, and continue to do .  For the care she has given , for the strength she has shown, and for the undying love she will always poses for her children.

A Mother’s day gift should reflect that kind of compassion.

That’s why why here at inspirited Living would like you to buy orange.

Orange Babies is charity established in 1999 by Senegalese creative Baba Sylla, together with top make-up artist John Kattenberg and Stef Bakker, a creative director. Working in the world of fashion and design, they felt a growing need to do something meaningful for the most vulnerable members of our society.

Their goal was to fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and their efforts have been tremendous success. The charity  has helped more than 60,000 children infected or otherwise affected by HIV/AIDS; contributed to the reduction of mother to child transmission of HIV from 30% to below 2% in the Soweto area (3 million inhabitants) in ten years; and the South African government has adopted two Orange Babies projects and incorporated them into national programmes.

So how exactly can one support them on Mother’s Day? How does “buying orange” help?

This is where Ardmore comes in.

Originally a group of talented South African ceramics artists, Ardmore has branched out into the world of fabrics. Ardmore Design now makes a variety of high quality  products including handbags , cushions, furniture, and much more. Each is beautifully intricate and dazzlingly colorful, having been based on the ceramic artwork they are known for.

Recently they have teamed up with Orange Babies to make a fantastic contribution to the charity and its efforts. For a limited time, 15% of every purchase of any products featuring the color orange, goes directly to the charity, and thus to helping fight HIV/AIDS.

What could be better as a last minute Mother’s day gift? Not only would the recipient get a fantastic product, but also the knowledge that the purchase helped support a great cause.

And if it’s too late for a Mother’s day, then have no fear. This partnership with Orange Babies is going on until the end of the month. Whether gotten as a gift for anouther or for yourself, you won’t regret buying a fantastic item and helping a great charity in the process.

Click here to visit Ardmore Design

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“Carefree” vs “Careless”: A Lesson About Perspective

A few days ago, as I sat reading a book at local coffee shop, I overheard a single sentence of a conversation that has stuck with me ever since.

Against the far wall of the shop, two young women sat at a table and talked to each other over loud the hustle and bustle of the other customers. As I came to the end of a chapter, I decided to take a short break from my reading. I shifted my attention away from the book, and my senses began to take in the environment around me.

Just then, I heard one of the women say to the other,

“It’s not a matter of being care free, but being careless”.

That sentence struck me as powerful, and I began to really think about the differences between those two terms.

Carefree and Careless.

Sure, the term “carefree” has more positive connotation, while “careless” is almost exclusively negative, but the real differences are revealed when you take a moment to examine what those words mean more literally.

Care-free means free of cares, living life without issues and insecurities. We all wish that we could be free of burdens, but alas, our minds tell us that’s not possible. Life is not perfect, there are always things that just happen. We all believe there will always be problems that must learn to accept, and puzzles to solve.

Someone who is careless however, is someone who chooses to ignore their burdens. When you do something carelessly, that thing still gets done, just not necessarily well. When you solve the problem carelessly, that problem still exists.  You just don’t put much energy into it – because you don’t care about it.

Don’t get me wrong, doing things carelessly can be a terrible idea, and I’m not saying that you should live without some semblance of attention and  responsibility. But there is a lesson to be learned here about how the things in our life impact us.

Things like stress, anger, and grief are a part of life. Being rid of all negative emotion or difficult situations is not something that can be achieved. It is however, possible to change how much we let the conditions around us get to us. By shifting our perspective on who we  are, and where we are going in our lives, we can teach ourselves how to “do” it differently.  It’s important not to carry these burdens – not to be weighed down by them. We all have the ability to live inspirited, and to be the person we intended to be.

Learning to see the world in this way is quite the journey, but it doesn’t have to be taken alone.

We encourage you to join our community of likeminded individuals, all going down a path towards an inspirited life together. When we work as one, we can ensure that our cares never stop us from being free.

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Words of the Angels: What The Bible Teaches Us About Fear

Whenever angels visit humans in both the Old and New Testaments, it is because something big is about to happen.

An Angel announced that Sarah was going to have a baby…. fulfilling her deepest desire.  

An angel told Moses he would free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and become a great leader.  

An angel informed Mary she was going to bear God’s Son – that’s pretty big.

And at Easter, the angel told the women at the tomb that Jesus had risen.  

Why is it that the opening line is always, “Do not be afraid”?    

Whenever the unexpected happens, we tend to feel afraid.  When we are asked to do great things, or step out of our comfort zone, we tend to feel afraid.  Anytime we move forward in Faith, we tend to feel afraid.   We think,

“How will I know what I’m doing? How will I know if I’m doing it right?

The truth is, being fearful does not help us.   In fact, fear is one of the things that keep us from moving forward towards our best selves and the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.  When we are fearful, we shy away, fall back, and avoid.  It’s instinctive to do so. The animal part of us is all about safety and survival.  In fact, stress and anxiety are a result of feeling chronic insecurity and fear.

Jesus showed us that where there is faith, there is no room for fear.  

He trusted God alone, and lived from a place of complete faith. From that faithful position, there was no self doubt, no fear of how or what he was doing. No fear of death; just trust in God and the belief that as long as he was in alignment with God, his true purpose would be revealed. 

We are fortunate to live in a culture and a society where we do not have to fear death moment by moment, day by day, thank God.  Most of us have a roof over our heads, food on our tables, and clothes on our backs.  Yet we are plagued with stress, anxiety, self doubt, and a profound fear of death.

How do we overcome this?  We look to Jesus and do our best to understand what he came to teach us.  To live into our greatest potential, to be the best we can be, and to live a connected life.  A life of Love (with a capital L).  He did not simply tell us,

He showed us how to love God, with all our hearts, souls and minds.  

How to love ourselves, because we are each created in the image of God.

And how to love our neighbors, because they too, all of them, are created in the image of God.  

This kind of enlightenment, which is much easier to say, than to live, is what we strive toward at Beachwood.  

When we shift our focus away from fear, and toward faith, we discover that stress, anxiety, and self doubt fall away, and peace and joy fill in.

Won’t you join us on this journey?  Join the community, and discover all the ways that living Inspirited can help you focus on living YOUR life fearlessly, so you can create a life you love!

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