Abby Cahoone

Abby is a Shaman and Reiki healer (soon to be Reiki Master), and Guided Meditation teacher. She has been working with meditation and energy healing since 2013 and her main goal is to help open other people up to their own abilities and the power they hold within. After learning from spiritual teachers like Abraham- Hicks, Louise Hay, and Bentinho Massaro she changed the way she looked at things. She went from the victim mentality, to being a conscious creator and hopes to help other people learn the same! We have so much phenomenal power within us that when it is understood and focused correctly, we can change so much about the realities that we live in. Abby has experienced this firsthand and loves to help other people further understand this, and use the knowledge in their own lives!

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Susan T Braider


I started doing origami, or folding as I call it, when I reached a challenging point in my life at which I needed to learn to be still.  I found folding, particularly folding kusudama, the perfect way to meditate and be still.  When I say I am folding… my family knows that my head is in the clouds and all is well. Kusudama are ancient Japanese medicine balls.  I put lavender in mine to instill calm and well being in the beholder.

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DeWayne Allen

I grew up in Spokane WN, and graduated college in Missouri with an MS in Education. I then lived in St Louis with Xerox, and AT&T. I am the founder of DeWayne Allen & Associates Business Consultants and the Business Owners Management Team, working in business brokering and business financing. I later moved to RI for sailing and became a crew member on the refurbished America’s Cup winner, the 12 Meter yacht Courageous. I still live in Rhode Island, and now manage FSA for millennials in the art of wealth creation.
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Vivian J Reddin

I am….a writer, artist, sailor, speaker, advocate, and outgoing energetic woman with a passion of inspiring others to find what makes them want to keep going forward when life seems to have stolen their spirit. My younger brother and sister took their own lives at age 19 and 20, when I was only 22 and 26, living in Denmark, newly engaged, and starting my own adventure. Their deaths inspired me to never say no to a challenge, and to question authority when I felt that a vulnerable person was not being treated fairly with loving kindness.  My education took me to nursing, then occupational therapy, then counseling, then as a licensed therapist, and I am now working on my PhD in Health Psychology.When my mom died last year following a short 5-month battle with Pancreatic cancer, I decided I needed to find my center again, and because this was my 3rd major family loss, my heart hurt so badly I needed something big to help heal the loss. I became a Yoga Instructor, graduating in the Spring of 2016. Yoga has inspired my research focus to heal trauma with Yoga. Being a therapist and dealing with personal suicide loss creates a life of constant self-healing and growth to be able to help others. I want to be in a community of healers that inspire others to use their life experiences and journeys of grieving to not only heal themselves, but educate medical professionals that complimentary medicine works, and is crucial for mind/body healing.

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Design your life with intention: a step by step guide

Lynne Bryan PhippsDesign your life with intention: a step by step guide

I love designing!  I learned this at an early age when I began building tree houses by laying boards between branches.  My father had a rule that we could not nail the boards to the trees because it could harm them.  That was not only a great rule for the trees, it was also a wonderful creativity booster.  I discovered that depending on what game was on for the day, or how many neighborhood kids were playing, the tree house could become something different each day.  One day it became multiple tree forts; divided between avocado trees from which we threw rotten avocados at each other…Another day it was a  hide away  in the tallest tree  that separated me from the world.  Still other days the treehouse was a house with rooms and levels as complex in my imagination as the most amazing castle.

I’ve been a designer all my life…. and i’m realizing, that design is an approach to living as much as it is a profession.  The principles of the work of design apply to so much of what we do and how we do it.

 Designing is a powerful act.

It’s taking what you want to see in the world, and making it real.  concrete. bringing it into existence.

You want a dress that you can’t find in a store anywhere.  You’ve seen something like it, maybe the style in a different pattern. or maybe you’ve never seen anything like it, but you’ve imagined it.  Design is the work of creating that dress exactly as you envision it.   Or maybe its a space in which you can do your yoga.  You have a difficult time setting aside time for self care because there’s no good place in the house in which to do it.  Our homes have rooms dedicated to particular uses.  some of them unused most of the time, and the kids have their stuff all over the house.  Carving out just a bit of space should be easy but it isn’t; and then we have a million excuses for why even if we could, we don’t actually do it. looking at this set of circumstances is the first step of designing your life.

Designing is living intentionally.

It’s living bravely.  It’s rooted in the faith that things unseen are possible. It’s the belief that even if I don’t have all the skills to make something happen, I know someone who can help.

It makes life fun.

Becoming You Course
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