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Susan T Braider

  I started doing origami, or folding as I call it, when I reached a challenging point in my life at which I needed to learn to be still.  I found folding, particularly folding kusudama, [...]

DeWayne Allen

I grew up in Spokane WN, and graduated college in Missouri with an MS in Education. I then lived in St Louis with Xerox, and AT&T. I am the founder of DeWayne Allen & Associates Business [...]

Newest Members…

Vivian J Reddin

I am....a writer, artist, sailor, speaker, advocate, and outgoing energetic woman with a passion of inspiring others to find what makes them want to keep going forward when life seems to have stolen their spirit. My [...]

Carol Garfinkle

I am passionate about my work as a clinical psychologist and practice in Canton, MA. This passion has driven me to continue training over the past 25 plus years so I can have all the [...]

Role Models…

Jackie Zerio – Marketer & Photographer

Jackie Zerio believes that with hard work along with trusting your destiny creates a life that is experienced as a beautiful journey. Jackie is currently enrolled at Roger Williams University and pursuing a degree in [...]

Lara Hakeem – Health/Holistic Professional

Lara Hakeem has been a fitness trainer, personal coach, and health/holistic professional since 2001 and has obtained decades of experience in marketing, retail design, advertising and theatre arts. Essential Oils immediately catapulted Lara into a [...]

Reuben Lowe – Mindful Creator for Good

Hi, I'm Reuben. When I was 13, I got the worst report in my school for bad behaviour. I had problems with my attention and little interest in much else. This isn't what you'd expect from someone [...]

Actress, Playwright and Healer Ana Bess

 An Inspirited Biography Hi, I'm Ana Bess Ana Bess is currently in her final semester of the Drama Therapy Masters program at New York University. She sits on the board of the North American [...]