Lynne Bryan Phipps, founder

Lynne Bryan Phipps

Designer, Educator, Change Agent

Lynne has a successful career in design, education and ministry, and is actively involved in the work of  spiritual direction and healing.  She is currently founding, designing and building Beachwood Farm, a sustainable retreat center in southern Rhode Island.

Lynne is a mother and a daughter. She has experienced the joy of raising two beautiful daughters, and lost her only sibling to an untimely and violent death.   “Life is Messy” acknowledges that to live Inspirited, we must learn to remain openhearted throughout the range of experiences our lives offer.  Learning the art of compassion, first for ourselves and then for others is living Inspirited.  Learning the art of discernment; defining what is, and what we can change is living Inspirited. Learning to let go of what we cannot control, and believing in something greater than ourselves is living Inspirited.

Living Inspirited involves establishing a connection with your Higher Power, and living that relationship in the midst of all other relationships.  The not so simple act of faith frees us to live inspirited lives with open hearts in Love.

Trained in Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design BFA BIA, Wheelock College, and Andover Newton Theological School MDIV, Lynne has been Creating for Good  for more than 30 years.  She has developed a holistic approach to design, relationship, and community, and believes that heaven on earth is possible through intentional thought and action, in collaboration and community. Connecting, supporting and encouraging all those working to understand what it means to be human in the New Age of Ascension is her mission. She has been recognized and awarded both locally and nationally for her work.  Career highlights include receiving the National Inspiration Award By Contract Magazine for her collaboration on Meeting Street Inc. in Providence, RI, and being named a Woman to Watch for founding The Compass School by the RISBJ.

Lynne is ordained in the United Church of Christ; a liberal Protestant denomination with a mission to reunite the Church at large by defining our shared values and principles, rather than defining our faith by our differences.  She served as the first University Interfaith Chaplain at Mount Ida College, and has taken her mission and interfaith vision into individual UCC and Episcopal congregations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  She is often recruited  to build bridges between perspectives and Faiths.

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Halloween Reflection: Oneness of Spirit

October 31st, 2016|0 Comments

oneness of spiritWhy is it that many of us feel, or notice the thinness  of the veil between this life and other dimensions around this time?  We experience presence of a loved one in sight, shiver, or simply in memory? It happens because we are focused in enjoyment.  As so many of us are spending time together, preparing jack-o-lanterns and costumes, and fun festive foods we are celebrating and focusing our energy on oneness.  Not in an obligated way, but freely.   

We are ” with you in spirit”, we are “one in spirit.”  And together, in oneness of spirit, magic happens. 

What else could be accomplished when we notice this oneness?   Not by trying, but simply by intention? What would be created through the focus of energy on how intimately and integrally we are linked?  What would we gather together and focus on?

What would we choose to influence? What would we change?  Would we create world peace? Could we create a society  that is strong and stable where everyone –  I mean everyone -experiences joy, peace and abundance?   

I believe we can. I believe we will one day understand that the power of our heartfelt thought + Our understanding that we are all one = Heaven on Earth.   

No separation from Source, simply abundant joy and peace.  

Will you join me in creating this vision? 

LIKE and SHARE this vision in your corner of the world here on social media. This Halloween, Let’s get the energy of this world and the next moving in a unified direction. 

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Let’s get the souls here on earth along with those that have gone before, sending the intention for oneness and a unified vision of Abundance for All.  For joy and peace, safety and security, healing and wholeness.  

Check out   Find inspiration in the stories of others in our magazine, The Streetlight,  and share your own! 

When we join together in spirit we create momentum. 

Join us in creating a place to find good news – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  We are in the age of ascension.  We are growing in our awareness that it is time.  

It’s not something someone else can do for us.  No politician or government or boss or other authority can do this for us.   We must each take responsibility and imagine it possible.   Enjoy the vision.  Play with the thoughts of what it would feel like to live in an ascended world.  Where the Lamb could lie down with the Lion.  Envision your own life in its most perfect form.  Imagine what it would be if your perfect world and everyone else’s beautiful vision for their own lives were unified in Oneness. 

If you can imagine it, you can become it. 

In the words of singer songwriter Donald Fagan in I. G. Y – “what a beautiful world this would be. What a glorious time to be free.”

—Lynne Bryan Phipps

Design your life with intention: a step by step guide

July 27th, 2016|0 Comments

Lynne Bryan PhippsDesign your life with intention: a step by step guide

I love designing!  I learned this at an early age when I began building tree houses by laying boards between branches.  My father had a rule that we could not nail the boards to the trees because it could harm them.  That was not only a great rule for the trees, it was also a wonderful creativity booster.  I discovered that depending on what game was on for the day, or how many neighborhood kids were playing, the tree house could become something different each day.  One day it became multiple tree forts; divided between avocado trees from which we threw rotten avocados at each other…Another day it was a  hide away  in the tallest tree  that separated me from the world.  Still other days the treehouse was a house with rooms and levels as complex in my imagination as the most amazing castle.

I’ve been a designer all my life…. and i’m realizing, that design is an approach to living as much as it is a profession.  The principles of the work of design apply to so much of what we do and how we do it.

 Designing is a powerful act.

It’s taking what you want to see in the world, and making it real.  concrete. bringing it into existence.

You want a dress that you can’t find in a store anywhere.  You’ve seen something like it, maybe the style in a different pattern. or maybe you’ve never seen anything like it, but you’ve imagined it.  Design is the work of creating that dress exactly as you envision it.   Or maybe its a space in which you can do your yoga.  You have a difficult time setting aside time for self care because there’s no good place in the house in which to do it.  Our homes have rooms dedicated to particular uses.  some of them unused most of the time, and the kids have their stuff all over the house.  Carving out just a bit of space should be easy but it isn’t; and then we have a million excuses for why even if we could, we don’t actually do it. looking at this set of circumstances is the first step of designing your life.

Designing is living intentionally.

It’s living bravely.  It’s rooted in the faith that things unseen are possible. It’s the belief that even if I don’t have all the skills to make something happen, I know someone who can help.

It makes life fun.

— Lynne Bryan Phipps

Lynne Phipps- Entrepreneurial Woman to Watch

February 4th, 2016|0 Comments


11/4/13 PROVIDENCE, RI– The Rhode Island Small Business Journal (RISBJ) created the 2014 Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Awards to honor the most confident, tenacious, professional and sophisticated women industry leaders in Rhode Island. Out of a pool of over 400 applicants, Lynne Bryan Phipps stood out for her multifaceted accomplishments as an equestrienne, yachtswoman, ordained minister, founder of Inspirited Living, educator and founder of The Compass School.

In 2002, Lynne Phipps realized her vision for The Compass School when she noticed her children were not seeing the value in their education. “I saw a huge need, not only for additional schools, but for an education to be engaging and founded on the need to develop life-long learning. That education included a core, values-based education.” Lynne Phipps spent months engaged in conceptual work and, after finding an enthusiastic group of parents, teachers and administrators that shared her vision, received approval from the state to found a charter school. The Compass School is the top-ranked middle school in Rhode Island, the second-ranked elementary school in the state and has a waiting list of over 250 students.

Lynne said, “I am honored to receive this award because the state of Rhode Island is a supportive, nurturing environment, especially for women entrepreneurs. I had the dream and they helped me make it a reality.”

The Compass School: An Opportunity to become Lifelong Learners

August 7th, 2015|0 Comments

Lynne Bryan Phipps

When Lynne Bryan Phipps sees a problem, she creates her own solution. And when it came to her children’s education, she had THE solution. “I saw a huge need, not only for additional schools, but for a different kind of education to be available. And that education included a core, values based education.” She took her kids out of a great school, moved to Kingston, Rhode Island, and founded the Compass School, a K-8 school dedicated to graduating problem solvers, critical thinkers and lifelong learners.  “I wanted to create a place where students could work to the best of their abilities; where they could grow. This meant constantly promoting the child’s strengths.” Lynne’s vision meant providing an environment where students embrace the learning process. 13 years later, the Compass School is the top-ranked middle school in Rhode Island, the second-ranked elementary school in the state and has a waiting list of over 250 students.

Lynne created a learning opportunity that emphasized a collaborative, hands-on educational approach with the guiding framework of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. “Kids learn the most when they have fun! If they think of school as work then they build a natural resentment toward it. If they enjoy school they will not only build a desire to become lifelong learners, they will better understand themselves and their place in the world-both their commitment to others around them and their responsibility to their communities and the environment.”

Lynne knew establishing a school was no easy task, but she rose up to the challenge. Lynne spent several months engaged in conceptual work, shaping the school’s vision and mission statement while educating herself on the necessary steps to make her dream school a reality. “I found out there were many other parents that shared my vision and were eager to get on board. I did my research, worked with the head of the Childhood Development Center at the University of Rhode Island, and got the first- level approval from the state to found a charter school. For the second round of approval we developed a founding board.” Lynne’s charisma for the project garnered support from those around her. She conducted a nation-wide teacher search and established a council composed of a governing body of enthusiastic directors, teachers and parents. Allen Zipke, the director of Compass School since 2002, shared Lynne’s vision: “Lynne has a unique ability to rejuvenate. She is a really enthusiastic person and she believes wholeheartedly in the school’s mission.”

With a strong support backing it, Compass School opened up in 2002 offering a wildly attractive private school education in a public school setting. With a teacher-student ratio of 1:10-1:15 (depending on age groups) the students each receive significant attention and engage in material differently at each stage of the learning cycle. Lynne says, “Kids learn in cycles. They are interested in particular subjects for approximately six months before turning to a new area of interest. Teachers foster an environment where kids work in their preferred areas and grow into themselves.” In order to avoid the containment of grades, students are differentiated into groups Explorers (grades K &1), Adventurers (grade 2), Discoverers (grades 3 &4), Investigators (Grades 5 &6), and Navigators (grades 7 &8) allowing each student to spend two years with one teacher and maximize individual learning potential.

Every aspect of Compass is tailored to maximize the student’s potential. “The highly qualified teachers construct student projects around areas of interest and they intrinsically learn Math, English, and other subjects in the context of their projects,” shares Lynne.

Compass School is now one of the most sought after educations in Rhode Island. Lynne still plays an advisory role at the school, MCing every graduation and planning council retreats to ensure the school is still in line with its original mission and purpose. Lynne reflects, “I love knowing that the students at compass are doing more than learning. They are living their education. And that is what it’s all about.”