lara hakeemLara Hakeem has been a fitness trainer, personal coach, and health/holistic professional since 2001 and has obtained decades of experience in marketing, retail design, advertising and theatre arts.

Essential Oils immediately catapulted Lara into a profound life change. Her first hand success from a lifetime of digestive challenges was the first of many “aha” moments. She selected and distributes Young Living Essential Oils based on their high quality and process that makes them world class.

Lara offers workshops and webinars on essential oils, natural alternatives to health maintenance as well as personal training and life style coaching. She public speaks, directs, teaches and performs theatrically nationally.

“When you share something positive and good, it becomes explosive in the community.”

Driven by health and Young Living’s purest line of essential oils in the world, Lara has combined her marketing and wellness proficiency to enrich knowledge and awareness throughout the country building an international partnership as well.

With 30 plus years performing and directing, Lara uses theater arts as a teaching tool for all involved.

Currently she offers a wide range of sharing and promoting and lends her knowledge and contributions in varying forms and media platforms.

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