Carol Garfinkle

Carol GarfinkleI am passionate about my work as a clinical psychologist and practice in Canton, MA. This passion has driven me to continue training over the past 25 plus years so I can have all the tools possible to help others on an incredible journey which I am privileged to witness. I believe that therapy is for those who wish to embark on the courageous path of creating meaningful changes in their life. The good news is that people already have everything inside them that they need to get to know themselves, solve their issues and be happy. I see it as my job to create a safe, non-judgmental place where clients receive support to learn how to access that happiness. I also see myself as a guide to help people find the answers that are right for them so they can live the life they design. If you are interested in finding resources to inspire you, please feel free to visit my website at!

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Jackie Zerio – Marketer & Photographer

Jackie Zerio believes that with hard work along with trusting your destiny creates a life that is experienced as a beautiful journey. Jackie is currently enrolled at Roger Williams University and pursuing a degree in Public Relations with minors in Marketing, EBusiness, and Digital Media and Photography. Photography is a way to express herself and her view on the world. She also enjoys art through music and movies of all kind.

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Lara Hakeem – Health/Holistic Professional

lara hakeemLara Hakeem has been a fitness trainer, personal coach, and health/holistic professional since 2001 and has obtained decades of experience in marketing, retail design, advertising and theatre arts.

Essential Oils immediately catapulted Lara into a profound life change. Her first hand success from a lifetime of digestive challenges was the first of many “aha” moments. She selected and distributes Young Living Essential Oils based on their high quality and process that makes them world class.

Lara offers workshops and webinars on essential oils, natural alternatives to health maintenance as well as personal training and life style coaching. She public speaks, directs, teaches and performs theatrically nationally.

“When you share something positive and good, it becomes explosive in the community.”

Driven by health and Young Living’s purest line of essential oils in the world, Lara has combined her marketing and wellness proficiency to enrich knowledge and awareness throughout the country building an international partnership as well.

With 30 plus years performing and directing, Lara uses theater arts as a teaching tool for all involved.

Currently she offers a wide range of sharing and promoting and lends her knowledge and contributions in varying forms and media platforms.

Website –
Email – [email protected]

Reuben Lowe – Mindful Creator for Good

Hi, I’m Reuben.

reubenWhen I was 13, I got the worst report in my school for bad behaviour. I had problems with my attention and little interest in much else. This isn’t what you’d expect from someone who is into mindfulness, is it? It wasn’t until I got well into my 20s that I started to find an interest. Fast forward a few years and I’m now working part time in mental health, specializing in addictions, at a health clinic in Melbourne, Australia. I’m the founder of Mindful Creation, a social enterprise that develops and presents resources on the human mind and behaviour for self-growth and meaningful connection. I’m also the president of a charity called ACT on it. We’re currently developing a free psychotherapy smartphone app that is accessible for young people, yet suitable for all. My vision is to inspire and empower one million people towards lasting patterns of mindful change. What a difference that will make to the world! And the ripple effect from this, who knows?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I’d love to hear from you should you wish to connect at

Mindful Creation // ACT on it

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Actress, Playwright and Healer Ana Bess

 An Inspirited Biography


Hi, I’m Ana Bess

Ana Bess is currently in her final semester of the Drama Therapy Masters program at New York University. She sits on the board of the North American of Drama Therapy Association’s student committee. She is currently a drama therapy intern at Access Community Health Center in Manhattan, an outpatient substance abuse clinic. She is also currently consulting as a drama therapy intern for The BETES Organization, which uses theater-driven programming to help patients, families, and health care providers connect and find a deeper understanding of the experience of chronic illness.

In the past she held a position as a drama therapy intern at the VA Hospital in West Haven, CT. There she treated patients in hospice, cancer treatment, and facilitated creative arts groups with veterans with PTSD diagnoses. From 2013-2014 she volunteered in San Quentin Prison, where she co-facilitated group talk therapy with inmates. She worked for the Siren Theatre Project in Oakland, CA as the community liaison, where she helped create, write, and perform local women’s issues.

She is also trained in Playback Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, Method Acting, and Restorative Justice facilitation. She is an avid traveler, writer, and gardener. She believes in the healing power of storytelling. She also believes in the importance of community in treating illness. And believes that healed people heal people.

Ana Bess Moyer Bell

2016 MA Candidate in Drama Therapy
Founder, COAAST (Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together)
[email protected]


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