Only 15 days have gone by since the beginning of the new year, and alreadyJanuary 15 Don't give up on resolutions! some are saying that the resolutions they made are unobtainable. I can hardly count the number of friends and family members who have given up on or lost track of the goals they set for 2017, and I know many more who did not set any at all simply because they thought that change was impossible.

In reality, out of all things, change is perhaps the most possible.

Change happens all around us. It happens every single minute of every single day. Over the course of a year, almost every aspect of your life will become different in some small way, whether you notice it or not. Maybe you will lose a good friend, or gain a new one. Maybe you will get new job, or get better at doing your old one. Maybe you will realize that you were right about something, or change your perspective on an issue that intrigues you.

You will change in 2017, this you simply cannot avoid. The trick is to choose the direction of that change. That is what making New Year’s resolutions is about.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and the new you cannot not be built in 15. Shaping the change in your life will take time. You cannot give up now. If you abandon your resolutions, we urge you to lean into achieving your goals, no matter how hopeless it may seem. If you have already wandered off the path or abandoned it all together, we implore you to start your journey again. To those who have made no resolutions, it is not too late. Start now.

350 days of change and challenge await all of us.

Let’s make them count.