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Lynne Bryan Phipps

Inspiriting Architect

Lynne was trained in Interior Building Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. With a BFA and BIA from RISD, her practice has offered a holistic perspective to it’s clients since 1987. Lynne has developed an integrated approach which includes environmental sustainability and reuse; “Green Design” incorporated with the a focus on the psychological effect of the built environment. This expertise can be applied to designing the spaces in which people live and work, as well as the tools and furnishings that they use daily.

Lynne, founder of Design One Consortium, believes that every project is a unique and individual endeavor, requiring unique and individual professionals. The idea behind the Consortium is to bring together a team of professionals that can offer our clients the best possible design solution.

It all begins with space. A core belief of Design One Consortium is that space – or more accurately the perception of space – is a paramount consideration in any design concept. Good design considers space an asset and, whether it be in a corporate or residential environment, we work to understand the individuals involved, the organizational structure and the requirements of every individual client. We translate that data into a design that

maximizes functionality,
maximizes comfort (both psychological and physical),
presents the goals, visions and values of the particular client

…and transforms space through a design that will meet their needs better, and endure well into the future.

As a business, our goal is to favorably alter traditional thinking about what constitutes good design, by delivering alternative solutions to conventional standards.