• One 1/2 oz bottle

    Chicory flowers hold the secret of unconditional love and acceptance of change, and our Chicory Essence can be used for the relief of anxiety which stems from attachment. The chicory flower blooms bright blue in the early morning, and by afternoon it fades away. The next day a new blossom replaces the last, and from early spring until fall the chicory plant is covered in blooms. The gift of Chicory is acceptance of the ebbs and flows of life, and the understanding that “when one door closes, another will open”.  Use this essence to release that which no longer serves you, and to open your whole being to unconditional love.
  • One 1/2 oz bottle

    Cosmos Essence can aid in opening to the source of creativity and connectivity. The word ‘cosmos’ is used to define the universe “as a well-ordered whole”. Everything in this world is connected and Cosmos Essence can aid in understanding your role. Artists use cosmos essence to tap into creativity, and those who seek to communicate with more confidence can find Cosmos Essence useful. Think of the web-like leaves that the cosmos flowers rise out of.  They form an interconnected net of fine green filaments that make it difficult to tell where one leaf ends and another begins. Use this essence to open your third eye, trust in divine structure, and see the beauty in natural order.
  • One 2 oz Jar

    The calming and stress-relieving energy of lavender can now be added to your own organic cooking. Grown in Beachwood's own Lavender Labyrinth, these buds are sure to make a wonderful addition to any recipe.
  • Fresh from our Lavender Labyrinth, and carefully bundled and dried, our long stem lavender will lend peace and calming energy as well as fragrance to any room in your home or office.  Enjoy the lavender even longer by collecting your dried buds in the sachet, and place inside a pillow or a drawer.
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    Yet anouther way to experience the inspiriting energy of lavender! Our homemade gum tastes great, freshens breath, last long, and most importantly, lets you  feel the de-stressing and  calming power of lavender!
  • One 1/2 oz bottle

    Perhaps one of the most powerful of all energy emitting flowers, Lavender radiates an unmatched peaceful and calming aura. Since the dawn of time, the power of Lavender has been used to create peaceful atmospheres and relieve anxiety, and we are rediscovering the benefits of incorporating its energy today. Use this essence to help de-stress after a long day and to diffuse tense situations or periods in your life. There is truly nothing like the tranquility that Lavender can help to unlock. It's something worth experiencing!
  • Enjoy the peaceful calming energy of dried Lavender in your pillow while you sleep, or in a drawer to lend their calming energy and fragrance to shirts and undergarments.
  • One 2 oz Spray Bottle

    Water imbued with the power and essence of lavender flowers grown in Beachwoods Lavender Labyrinth. By keeping the essential oil extracted in the distillation process, we have created a premium lavender water unlike any other. It can be used a linen spray, deodorant, antiseptic, and much more.
  • One 1/2 oz bottle

    Rose Essence holds the power of the divine feminine. This essence aids in balancing the female “yin” and male “yang”  that reside in each of us. It brings loving support, heart-opening energies, and confidence through healthy boundaries. Beautiful, delicate, pungent rose blossoms grow atop stalks covered in thorns. They offer themselves to the pollinators and the noses of passer-by, but they are not easily picked or pruned. Let yourself grow wild and full of heart-felt passion.