Mother’s Day offers us an opportunity offers us an opportunity to recognize  all mothers have done, and continue to do .  For the care she has given , for the strength she has shown, and for the undying love she will always poses for her children.

A Mother’s day gift should reflect that kind of compassion.

That’s why why here at inspirited Living would like you to buy orange.

Orange Babies is charity established in 1999 by Senegalese creative Baba Sylla, together with top make-up artist John Kattenberg and Stef Bakker, a creative director. Working in the world of fashion and design, they felt a growing need to do something meaningful for the most vulnerable members of our society.

Their goal was to fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and their efforts have been tremendous success. The charity  has helped more than 60,000 children infected or otherwise affected by HIV/AIDS; contributed to the reduction of mother to child transmission of HIV from 30% to below 2% in the Soweto area (3 million inhabitants) in ten years; and the South African government has adopted two Orange Babies projects and incorporated them into national programmes.

So how exactly can one support them on Mother’s Day? How does “buying orange” help?

This is where Ardmore comes in.

Originally a group of talented South African ceramics artists, Ardmore has branched out into the world of fabrics. Ardmore Design now makes a variety of high quality  products including handbags , cushions, furniture, and much more. Each is beautifully intricate and dazzlingly colorful, having been based on the ceramic artwork they are known for.

Recently they have teamed up with Orange Babies to make a fantastic contribution to the charity and its efforts. For a limited time, 15% of every purchase of any products featuring the color orange, goes directly to the charity, and thus to helping fight HIV/AIDS.

What could be better as a last minute Mother’s day gift? Not only would the recipient get a fantastic product, but also the knowledge that the purchase helped support a great cause.

And if it’s too late for a Mother’s day, then have no fear. This partnership with Orange Babies is going on until the end of the month. Whether gotten as a gift for anouther or for yourself, you won’t regret buying a fantastic item and helping a great charity in the process.

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