Cosmos Flower Essence


One 1/2 oz bottle

Cosmos Essence can aid in opening to the source of creativity and connectivity. The word ‘cosmos’ is used to define the universe “as a well-ordered whole”. Everything in this world is connected and Cosmos Essence can aid in understanding your role. Artists use cosmos essence to tap into creativity, and those who seek to communicate with more confidence can find Cosmos Essence useful. Think of the web-like leaves that the cosmos flowers rise out of.  They form an interconnected net of fine green filaments that make it difficult to tell where one leaf ends and another begins. Use this essence to open your third eye, trust in divine structure, and see the beauty in natural order.



This essence of the Cosmos Flower, was created  right here at Beachwood! Grown and harvested by our herbalist, Leita Lord,

The Cosmos Flower Essence is part of our collection of Flower Essences.  Be sure to view our others on the store page!


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