Chicory Flower Essence


One 1/2 oz bottle

Chicory flowers hold the secret of unconditional love and acceptance of change, and our Chicory Essence can be used for the relief of anxiety which stems from attachment. The chicory flower blooms bright blue in the early morning, and by afternoon it fades away. The next day a new blossom replaces the last, and from early spring until fall the chicory plant is covered in blooms. The gift of Chicory is acceptance of the ebbs and flows of life, and the understanding that “when one door closes, another will open”.  Use this essence to release that which no longer serves you, and to open your whole being to unconditional love.



The essence of the beautiful Chicory flower, has been created right here at Beachwood!

The Chicory Flower Essence is part of our collection of Flower Essences. Be sure to view each Essence in our 2016 release on the store page!


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