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I am so glad you’ve come to join the Inspirited Living Community. Just like you, we are interested in becoming our best selves. We want to experience meaningful connection, first with ourselves, and from that genuine place with others – creating the highest good for all.

Research shows that people who live their most fulfilling lives and have the fewest regrets, have discovered the importance of thinking with their hearts. They have not only developed the ability to “listen in,” but also the skills that help them to gain perspective on the past, shift perspective in the present and reframe to move forward to become their best selves and to create a fulfilling and joyful life.

20 years of growth, and development of this process has helped me transform my life; and I’m so excited to tell you that this process has helped countless others to listen, shift and create from their own head heart connection.

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Unlimited Access to all Inspirited Living online video courses and additional bonus video footage, plus first access to soon-to-be-released courses and exclusive unreleased video & audio content. (This is nearly 100 hours of video content and courses that will help you become your best self and create a fulfilling and joyful life.)



A Private Facebook Group where you can connect and receive support from other members who are actually doing the work and stepping into who they are at their core, and changing the way they live in the world. We get to know each other by sharing our stories with one another. Inspirited Living wants to shine a light on the ways people are making a difference in each other’s lives. (You will unlock a whole new list of assets just by joining this group.)



Get 20% off all one-on-one in person coaching with Lynne Phipps, Inspirited Living events, or Beachwood Center for Wellbeing retreats and bookings.

Why this Works

When humans discovered that thinking to build “things” was a skill worth developing, we moved to cities, were given jobs, and those jobs required focus on repetition and being similar. This cultural shift moved us to compartmentalize our own uniqueness, our personal gifts and passions, in order to fit in.

We are wired to to belong. Our survival depends on it. So fitting in became a requirement.

In the world of sameness and reproducible things, our heads took this information and translated it to applying to ourselves too. We thought that In order to feel a sense of belonging, we all needed to be similar. The job required we do things exactly the same way. We were valued for our similarities rather than our differences.

That kind of noticing is survival work and it happens in our limbic system. The control and discipline to achieve it is accomplished with our minds not our hearts. So in an unfamiliar world we developed our head thinking and devalued our heart thinking.

The pendulum is shifting again.

We are presently entering a new age where people do very little assembly and production work. We are being replaced with computers and robots.

So what is the differentiating factor now? If it’s not our brains, what will lead us into the new age?

Reconnecting with the heart.

We now know that the heart has more neurotransmitters than we ever realized. As individuals reconnect with their hearts, and acknowledge the feeling aspect, and the magic that a head and heart connection provides. We are in a new Age of Enlightenment where we are rediscovering the power of our own uniquenesscreativity, and innovation.

These things are natural consequences of the head-heart connection.

How do you develop that connection?

First: you re-open and strengthen the neural pathways between head and heart and, you learn the skills of listening in.

Second: your perspective shifts through realizations that are experienced because of the connection between head and heart.

Third: you begin to create from the powerful place that results from this connected place and you see things in understand them differently.

By joining and becoming and belonging as an Inspirited Living Member, you will learn how reconnect to your heart to create a fulfilling and joyful life.

What Other Members Are Saying


”This process of becoming is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”


“I’m so glad you figured out how to share this with the world! you are definitely Divinely inspired!”


“I’ve never felt so peaceful in the midst of so much anxiety around me.”


“I never imagined my life could be so different!”

Are you interested in learning this life changing process?

Become, Belong, Transform Your Life.

You have no idea how many millions of ways this small investment could come back to you.

When you commit to your own transformation, you will watch your life completely change. Your finances, your health, your relationships, your freedom, your peace, your love—abundance in every area of your life will show up when you let go of the habitual addiction to your old, head story. Invest in your growth instead of your story, do something different, and align with a new intention, your true intention that comes from your heart, and move into the life you actually deserve.

Something beautiful is about to happen to you right now.

You are about to rediscover the magic of what it means to be human.

Historically, we discounted the power of our hearts for little more than pumping blood. Now, we are learning that our heart center has tremendous information about who we are, and what makes us happy. Learning to “listen in” to your heart, is a process and a skill worth developing. When you do, it will create more satisfaction, peace, and even joy than you never realized could be possible.

Step into your heart. Be the love that you are. Realize true satisfaction, peace, and joy. Transform into the amazing version of yourself that is here to change the world.

Become and Belong as an Inspirited Living Member today.

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